So when I heard their new single  it was like uh.. ..its like I didn’t hate it but I did not love it. And I agree with what some people think that  kind of sounds the same throughout  the song…but * shrugs* its not like the worst thing in the song..

For some reason the chorus speaks to me a bit “Give yourself a try”  sounds kind of vulnerable to me.. like allow yourself to be.. let the real you  out being yourself..  give yourself a try …as long as you aren’t hurting someone I guess  just be..

Ok it may not be the message they are trying to give on this song but for me and my journey where I am now..that’s what I feel


By the way, I know this sounds mean or weird but for some reason I like Matty but don’t seem to care for the others in the band ( no offense  intended)  to the point that he I feel kind of bad about that :/…  I guess I got interested in him and fascinated by him..and probably what really grabbed my his honesty ,transparency.. just being real.  However, I think the drummer (George Daniel)  produces for the band..hmm I guess I felt like Matty was exuding his essence through the music.. but if George is actually producing. ..Ok I am thinking way to deep into this….I know I remember reading, watching and/or hearing from an interview that each member basically with the instrument they use creates their own part for the song..Anyway long story short at the end of the day they make a great team when producing music.  With that I leave you with this quote

“Cultivating our identity was just staying true to ourselves, and making whatever sounds we wanted – making whatever made us happy. There weren’t any rules.” *


Disclaimer: especially for christians. yes matty describes himself as an atheist. I don’t condone or promote atheism. Nevertheless I’ve gleaned stuff from Matty and the bands music that I think helps, supports me and make me feel warm.  Toodles.

Hot dog this post is a graphic designers worst nightmare


Help her!

July 16, 2011

Well as we  pulled up to a stop a lady probably a mixed race got on the bus with about 3 or 4 kids one of which was a baby . Well she had a stroller and as many of you know at least the area where I live the bus system that I ride you can’t leave your strollers open on the bus.

So the woman was like trying to fold the  stroller( it was one of those bulky ones too)  she kept saying something like how she could not fold

The bus driver waited for a sometime maybe three minutes to five minutes while she tried find out how to fold it. She kept talking of how  it like there was problem with it so that it couldn’t be folded..anyway at the same time…there were several people on the bus. It wasn’t full but there were many people. and I was thinking why doesn’t anyone go and try to help this women fold it…. I felt a little embarrassed for her…

lol some of you all are probably saying did you help her? Sadly no I did not but had succumbed to the stupid  feeling of maybe she can do it..

Why did I not help her…?

I was debating within myself about helping her…but eventually it seemed she pushed some button and the device complied enabling her to fold it up.

and with that we done the bus driver pulled off…


[this did not happen today just bringing a story from the a little earlier like around maybe a month or less ago (not sure  but around that time period)]

Bus stories

July 11, 2011

after deliberating I’ve finally decided to make this a blog..

On the bus like many of you riders out there..there are many things that happen on there. that catch  your interest..sometimes weird..funny…eye opening..inspirational..well I believed that his would be a totally great idea for a blog..

I ‘d like to write about stuff I ‘ve seen or experienced riding  the local buses in my area…

There are many things that have happened that I ‘s like to comment about but I’d like to just talk about one thing that happened today on the bus.

God willing someday I’ll post about observations, experiences, from the past and stuff more recently. well I hope you enjoy and share your experiences. I’m sure that many of you all may be able to be familiar with.


well today on the bus a man that looked of east asian descent sat down next to me. Well sadly he smelled like he had not taken a shower for sometime and he was carrying quite a few plastic bags that weren’t full. He didn’t seem crazy and said nothing while I was next to him on that bus ride.. but it got me thinking of caring for the poor..questioning myself about what have I been doing….anyway..

Hello world!

July 11, 2011

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